What is Roller Derby?

Roller Derby is a full-impact sport preformed on rollerskates. The team with the most points at the game ending whistle wins.  

Two teams play against each other on an oval track, with 4 blockers and 1 jammer from each team at the track at the time. The jammers has a star on her helmet, and she is the one that scores points by passing the opposing players.

BLOCKERS: 4 players from each team stands in a pack. Their task is to block the opposing jammer, to prevent her from scoring, and help their own jammer to get past the opposing blockers, which means the blockers have to play offence and defence at the same time.
THE JAMMER gets a point for every opposing blocker (or jammer) she passes for every lap.
THE PIVOT is a blocker with a stripe across her helmet. The jammer can pass the star to the pivot, so the pivot becomes the new jammer for the duration of the jam.

A game is called a bout, and consists of two 30 minute periods.
The game is played in jams, which are 2 minutes long, with 30 seconds pauses, to switch players between jams.

Derby Track

To play derby you have to have some gear, safety first! 
Helmet, elbow pads, wristguards, kneepads, mouthguard and quads (not inlines).
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Roller Derby is a sport that is growing quickly around the world, and new teams are constantly popping up everywhere in Sweden. So if you’re interested in Roller Derby, Check this out > DERBY LEAGUES IN SWEDEN < to find derby near you!

Roller Derby gear