Roller Derby is a fast-growing sport in Sweden (Click this LINK to see were you can find different leagues). September 2011 was the start of Västerås Roller Derby. We are about 35 members in VSTRD, with an age-span of 18-41. We have 2 advanced and 1 Fresh Meat (beginner) practices per week.

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If you are 18 or older, you’re welcome to join us as a skater, referee or NSO (non-skating official). We have beginner classes in the fall and in the spring, and we also have try-ons before, where you can borrow gear and see if this is sport you’ve always wanted to join!

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Find us on our Facebook page to see when we have our try-ons!
During our try-ons you will be able to borrow equipment and we will show you some 0f the basics.

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